RELU Visiting Fellowship Scheme

Visiting Fellowships aim to allow policy makers and practitioners from the commercial, voluntary or public sector to visit a RELU research team or cluster of teams with a view to exploring the implications of the research for their work and to raising awareness of their interests among the researchers.

Closing Date: Applications are invited at any time up to 31 January 2010.

Who can apply?

The Visiting Fellowship scheme is open to any staff member of a relevant commercial, voluntary or public sector organisation.

How long does a fellowship last?

Between one week and one month.

What resources are available to fund the scheme?

The RELU Programme will cover eligible travel and subsistence costs to a maximum of £500 per week and £2000 in total per Fellow.

What do I need to do to apply?

Responsibility for initiation of a Fellowship rests either with

• a research project leader who would approach a potential Fellow,

• or with a responsible staff member of an external organisation who would approach the RELU research team(s) about being a Visiting Fellow.

Applications should be jointly planned by both parties so as to maximise mutual benefits.

A single page letter of application is required from the initiating party, supported briefly in writing by the other partner (an e.mail will suffice from a research project leader or responsible staff member from the external organisation).

The application should:

• specify the timing, length and location of the placement;

• outline the main activities that will be undertaken;

• describe the anticipated benefits to the research team and the external organisation;

• identify contact details of the responsible staff members in the research team and external organisation.

• the application should be sent to the Director’s Office for approval.

Afterwards the Fellow and research project leader will complete a brief one page questionnaire evaluating the experience and providing feedback. Reimbursements of standard class travel and subsistence expenses is done via an Expenses Claim form returned with all receipts to the Director’s Office and will be dependent upon submission of the completed end of placement questionnaires.