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Relu Newsletter - July 2017

The Rural Economy and Land Use Programme July 2017 newsletter includes all the latest news and updates on Relu and LWEC research projects, events, staff and publications.


RICS Rural Conference at Hexham Auction Mart
RICS Rural Conference returns to Hexham on 11 October 2017 to provide a platform to learn about and discuss the latest developments that will affect the rural sector. Although it will be some time before we know the full implications of Brexit, this event offers a timely opportunity to consider what a favourable outcome from Brexit could look like and how to achieve this. Topics will include:
-Understanding the impact on environmental law and policy after Brexit
-The need for bespoke rural housing policies to address rural housing challenges
-What type of properties will be affected by the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which come into force from April 2018
-The Digital Economy Act
Download the full agenda from the RICS website.


Looking ahead in the grain market post Brexit
Competitiveness, improving performance, a collaborative supply chain, a consistent product and maximising niche opportunities are going to be key factors in making sales of UK grain count at home and abroad, according to new horizon market intelligence analysis from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. The report is available on line and may be downloaded from the AHDB website.

Farm business survey reports latest trends
The Farm Business Income of arable farms fell to its lowest level in ten years, at 172GBP per hectare for Cereals farms and 248GBP per hectare for General Cropping farms according to a new report from the Farm Business Survey. At the same time profitability of specialist poultry farm businesses reduced by 16% in the 2015/16 financial year, with average profit as measured by Farm Business Income (FBI) falling on a per business basis from 126,839GBP in 2014/15, to 106,670GBP in 2015/16. Full details are available on the Farm Business Survey website in the reports Crop Production in England 2015/2016 and Poultry Production in England 2015/16. Reports from across the industry are available on the website.


Expert welcomes new funding announcement for peatlands
UK peatlands are wild, often remote places and many do not look as attractive as they might, admits Professor Mark Reed in his latest blog for Newcastle University Institute for Sustainability. All too often peat bogs have suffered extensive damage, either through extraction of material for gardening products or attempts to drain the land for agricultural purposes. But these are important places, providing not only iconic and beautiful habitats for other species, but also vital resources for our own survival. This is why he welcomes the announcement of additional funding for their restoration.












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