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Explore the role of farm advisors in landscape-scale sustainable intensification, with Landbridge.

A workshop for all advisory professionals working with land managers on Wednesday 4 October at AHDB, Stoneleigh Park. Nature doesnt stop at the farm fence. We are used to the idea of sharing machinery and equipment, but who is going to facilitate the coordination needed for landscape-scale planning that could enable sustainable intensification to increase yields, while also protecting the environment and maximising natural resources such as biodiversity, pollination services, water resources, iconic landscapes and carbon storage? Farm advisors, as independent practitioners working with farmers across geographical areas, could play a key role. In a workshop facilitated by Landbridge as part of the Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP), land advisors from across the professions will have an opportunity to hear about the work of the SIP and explore the opportunities and benefits of a coordinated approach using a newly-developed landscape typology tool.This free workshop will be hosted by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board at their headquarters at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire and will be of interest to all the advisory professions including land agents, ecologists, and environmental consultants. Booking is now open. Full programme can be viewed here. To reserve a place email amy.proctor@ncl.ac.uk.

Booking open now for RICS events in November
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has two high profile events scheduled for November. RICS Rural Mid-Session conference takes place in Battleby on 23 November 2017. Join the RICS team to discuss what role the rural profession can play to support Scotland's forests and to increase their value and contribution to the environment and the economy. Further sessions such as business rates and renewables will look at renewable energy schemes and what the rate reliefs and liability are likely to be for hydro, wind and solar projects. Download the agenda and book now via the RICS website. The RICS Rural Conference is scheduled for 30 November 2017 at Brockholes Nature Reserve, Preston, to provide a platform to learn about and discuss the latest developments that will affect the rural sector. This event will offer a timely opportunity to consider what a favourable outcome from Brexit could look like and how to achieve this. The agenda is available and you can book via the RICS website.


1.5m available from BBSRC and NERC to support sustainable agriculture projects involving researchers and industry
BBSRC and NERC invite applications to attend an interactive strategic workshop (sandpit) to develop proposals for research and research translation projects. Successful projects will bring together multidisciplinary teams to address challenges involved in sustainable intensification of agriculture in the UK. The projects will be supported through the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Innovation Club (SARIC) which funds projects within the themes of: resilient and robust crop and livestock production systems and predictive capabilities for sustainable agriculture. Presentations from the industrial members of SARIC will help to stimulate the development of project ideas. Sandpit participants will develop and present a project idea in a multidisciplinary team to an expert panel on the final day. Full proposals will be invited for submission through Je-S in November 2017. Reasonable costs for travel and accommodation will be met for participants.Apply on line to attend by 4 pm on 11 September 2017. Further information about SARIC is available on the BBSRC website


Beefier profits from the dairy herd
Approximately half of all beef in England is a product of the dairy herd. Improving the quality of these cattle can bring economic benefits to everyone involved in the beef supply chain. In Beef Production from the Dairy Herd the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board covers issues such as improving genetics, better production systems and meeting market needs to boost profits.


Relu Newsletter - July 2017

The Rural Economy and Land Use Programme July 2017 newsletter includes all the latest news and updates on Relu and LWEC research projects, events, staff and publications.


RICS Rural Conference at Hexham Auction Mart
RICS Rural Conference returns to Hexham on 11 October 2017 to provide a platform to learn about and discuss the latest developments that will affect the rural sector. Although it will be some time before we know the full implications of Brexit, this event offers a timely opportunity to consider what a favourable outcome from Brexit could look like and how to achieve this. Topics will include:
-Understanding the impact on environmental law and policy after Brexit
-The need for bespoke rural housing policies to address rural housing challenges
-What type of properties will be affected by the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which come into force from April 2018
-The Digital Economy Act
Download the full agenda from the RICS website.


Looking ahead in the grain market post Brexit
Competitiveness, improving performance, a collaborative supply chain, a consistent product and maximising niche opportunities are going to be key factors in making sales of UK grain count at home and abroad, according to new horizon market intelligence analysis from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. The report is available on line and may be downloaded from the AHDB website.












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