Strategic Advisory Committee

The rural economy and land use programme has a Strategic Advisory Committee which includes representatives from the research councils and public sector stakeholders. It advises on the overall direction and scientific content of the programme, and on issues of outreach and impact to ensure that vital research findings reach the right audiences.

Membership as of November 2008:
Professor Sir Howard Newby (Chair), Chief Executive, HEFCE
Michael Bradshaw, University of Leicester
Peter Costigan, Science Co-ordinator, Defra
Dr Les Firbank, Head of Soil, Environmental and Ecological Sciences, IGER
Professor Maggie Gill, Chief Scientific Adviser ERAD and Head of Science and Analysis Group, SEERAD
Dr Laura Green, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Warwick
Brian Harris, BBSRC
Professor Louise Heathwaite, Lancaster Environment Centre, University of Lancaster
Andrew Impey, NERC
John Lloyd Jones OBE, Chairman, Countryside Council for Wales
Chris Lea, NERC
Professor Terry Marsden, Department of City & Regional Planning, Cardiff University
Caspian Richards, The Scottish Government
Dr Paul Rose, Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Paul Rouse, ESRC
Peter Stephenson, ESRC
Professor R Kerry Turner CBE, CSERGE, University of East Anglia
Professor Jeff Waage, Director, London International Development Centre