Online resources and debate


An online platform for the exchange of farming resources, farmer profiles and blogs based on agroecological principles


The aim of #AgriChatUK is to give those involved in agriculture a place to share ideas, discuss pressing issues, debate hot topics or simply connect with people in the industry who they may otherwise not have access to. The site hosts twitter discussions every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm.


RuSource Briefings is a free rural information service for anyone working in the countryside or with rural people, and those supporting rural life. To subscribe, click on the link.


OpenFields is an internet based 'library'.  It is designed to meet practitioner and student demand for knowledge that supports and stimulates the development of land-based industries.  It aims to become their first point of reference. The 'library' includes text documents, images, audio and video, and provides direct access to each without charge.  Items are contributed by and via organisations whose mission is to promote best practice, knowledge exchange and transfer: colleges; universities; professional and learned bodies; industry initiatives.


National Animal Disease Information Service
This website features material which is sent to all veterinary practices, vet colleges, agricultural colleges and breed societies in the UK. Key resources include free webinars on veterinary health planning and a Disease A-Z for cattle, sheep and pigs. The site aims is ensure that all livestock keepers are aware of the importance of veterinary health planning to control and prevent parasitic diseases and to encourage a dialogue between themselves and their veterinary practitioner. To join the NADIS mailing list and recieve information direct contact Janet Woodhart


Ecosystem Knowledge Network

The EKN is an active network of organisations taking an ecosystems approach to land and marine management throughout the UK. The website is a resource of practical tools, guidelines and contacts for people who are involved in the management (strategic or practical) of sites across the UK.


Ouputs of the Integrated Advice Pilot Project

The project developed packages (arable, beef and sheep, dairy) to help advisors understand how the advice they are delivering in their specialist area fits into the wider environmental context. They also support generalist advisors who deliver a broad service to farmers.