Briefing Papers


A series of briefing papers drawing on the experience of the Relu interdisciplinary programme. Download copies or email your name and postal address to to receive printed versions.

Our latest Briefing Paper:

No 16

Adventures in Science: Interdisciplinarity and knowledge exchange in the Relu Programme

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No 15

Changing landscapes: some achievements of the Relu Programme

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Relu Data Support Service

Innovations in Interdisciplinary Methods - The Relu Experience


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Briefing Papers 1-13

No 14 Growing concerns: animal and plant disease policy for the 21st century

No 13 Shaping the Nature of England: policy pointers from the Relu programme

No 12 Informing the Reform and Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy

No 11 Water Framework: Implementing the Water Framework Directive

No 10 Telling Stories: Accounting for Knowledge Exchange

No 9 Landmarks for Policy

No 8 Land to mouth: exploring the links between sustainable land use and the food we eat

No 7 What is relu?: Latest update on all the relu research projects

No 6 Common Knowledge? An exploration of knowledge transfer

No 5 Power and Responsibility - Who decides? You decide!

No 4 The UK Rural Economy and Land Use Debates

No 3 The Unfolding Research Agenda

No 2 Rural Economy and Land Use Futures

No 1 Setting the Research Agenda