Overview of Calls

Adapting Rural Living and Land Use to Environmental Change: Call for Proposals


The Relu Programme, with additional funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), has invited applications under a fourth call on the theme of "Adapting rural living and land use to environmental change". This RELU call has been codesigned with the Living With Environmental Change programme. The call has two objectives. The first objective is to build networks and capacity for creative knowledge exchange and learning between researchers and policy makers, businesses, practitioners, local communities and the wider public, with a view to strengthening adaptive capacities, primarily within the UK. The second objective is to explore and promote novel approaches and partnerships for interdisciplinary research and analysis on living with environmental change in rural contexts. This may include synthesis of previous research activity in this field and identification of new research needs.

The call of proposals is now closed. Following peer review, proposals are to be assessed at an assessment panel in April 2010.


Animal and Plant Disease Management, Sustainable Rural Planning

The third round of funding (£7 million) was allocated in October 2006.


People and the Rural Environment

The second round of funding (£8.2 million) was allocated in Summer 2005.


Sustainable Food Chains

The first round of funding (£6.6 million) was allocated Spring 2004.

RELU has commissioned an independent review of its First Call seed-corn funding mechanisms. The overarching rationale of the awards was to mobilise interest in the programme across diverse research communities across the social, environmental and bio-sciences and to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research capacity. See the final report here.