Phillipson, J., Lowe, P. and J.M. Bullock (eds) (2009) Special Profile: Integrating ecology and the social sciences in Journal of Applied Ecology, Volume 46, Number 2, April 2009.

The Journal of Applied Ecology has explored for the first time how ecology relates to the social sciences in a special interdisciplinary profile. This collection of papers from Relu projects includes contributions from across the breadth of Relu land and water research. (contents)


Phillipson, J. and Lowe, P. (eds)(2008) Towards Sustainable Food Chains: Harnessing the Social and Natural Sciences. Special Issue of Trends in Food Science and Technology. Volume 19, Issue 5, 2008

The articles are drawn from Relu food chain projects and explore the case for a strategic approach to research on sustainable food chains, combining social and technical perspectives. (contents)


White, P. (ed.) (2008) Wild Mammals and the Human Food Chain. Special Issue of Mammal Review Volume 38, Issue 2-3, April/July

Proceedings of The Mammal Society Autumn Symposium held at the Zoological Society of London, 25-26 November 2005 Supported by Relu and by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. (contents)


Phillipson, J. and Lowe, P. (eds) (2006) Rural Economy and Land Use: The Scoping of an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda Special Issue of the Journal of Agricultural Economics 57 (2)

This special issue considers the opportunities presented by an interdisciplinary approach and explores the range of methodological and conceptual challenges presented by the programme (contents).

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