Press Releases


BBC Radio Lancashire Sally Naden Show interview with Simon Haley includes discussion of launch of Relu’s new Landbridge networking initiative 12 December 2012 at 1hr19mins

Initiative enables knowledge sharing for rural professional
December 2012

Nature Improvement Areas need good planning responses
October 2012

Is Payment for Ecosystem Services a route to better environmental management or a policy red herring?
October 2012

Food production and wildlife can coexist if land use is planned at a bigger scale, say researchers
September 2012

Would it be worth training farmers to implement agri environment schemes?
July 2012

Is prevention really better than cure for livestock diseases?
June 2012

Animal disease research misses the human perspective say researchers
May 2012

Research shows our attitudes to badgers are rooted in history and unhelpful for policymaking
April 2012

Relu researchers find shortcuts are costly when buying conservation from farmers
March 2012

Simple precautions could reduce risk of E coli O157 in the environment say researchers January 2012

Upland science makes an “X factor” impact at Gateshead
November 2011

Science gets interactive at The Sage
November 2011

“X Factor” style science takes off in Gateshead
November 2011

Can individuals’ actions really help to save the planet?
November 2011

Land Ownership Debate
November 2011

Rethinking animal and plant disease policy for the 21st century and beyond
September 2011

Livestock sellers should provide more information about disease risk, say researchers
September 2011

Academics call on national parks to take the lead in cooperative land management
September 2011

E coli in the countryside: whose problem is it anyway?
August 2011

Is free global trade too great a threat to our food supplies, natural heritage and health?
June 2011

Implementing the European Water Framework Directive could drive some farmers out of business
May 2011

Prevention is better than cure for zoonotic diseases
March 2011

Anaerobic digestion on farms could turn agriculture green
March 2011

Researchers invite tweets on peat
February 2011

Research could help local authorities engage residents in Big Society
January 2011

UK landscapes could be at risk of another major tree epidemic, say researchers
January 2011

Could commercialisation of angling threaten native species and anglers’ skills? December 2010

A written charter for land use could underpin collaboration and integrated land management
November 2010

What do the UK uplands mean to you?
November 2010

Big Society could play a role in reformed CAP say researchers
October 2010

Building good fences could make water cleaner
September 2010

Rural tourists know least about E. coli 0157 – study reveals
June 2010

What price can we expect rural areas to pay for urban flood control?
March 2010

Public could play an important role in combating threat to historic gardens
January 2010

Schools welcome Bangor University Bug Man
26 November 2009

Does carbon labelling give developing countries a bad deal?
24 November 2009

What is land for?
18 November 2009

Perennial energy crops could be good for carbon savings and for wildlife
16 September 2009

Independent report by Relu Director calls for rethink on farm vet profession
6 August 2009

Is regional land use planning the key to regeneration?
23 June 2009

Is rural land use too important to be left to farmers?
3 June 2009

How healthy is your river?
1 June 2009

Would eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day really benefit everyone?
19 May 2009

Academics to review strategies against diseases that could blight UK woodlands
27 April 2009

What's fair about the countryside?

5 March 2009

Researchers fly a kite for manure recycling
28 November 2008

Can the way we use land improve our health?
28 April 2008

Secretary of State launches on-line Land Use Debate
6 March 2008

Are we too concerned about the environment?  Have your say in the Great Land Use Debate
3 March 2008

Do farmers need to change?
1 November 2007

What needs to change in the food chain?
1 November 2007

New funding for innovative animal and plant disease research
18 July 2007

Carbon storage
19 March 2007

Farmers should be responsible for controlling livestock diseases
14 March 2007

Consumers cannot be left to themselves to decide what to eat
12 March 2007

The environment would be fine, if only scientists were in charge
9 March 2007

Researchers take the high road to understand changing uplands
1 March 2006

Tackling the Rural Challenge
19 January 2005